Encouraging the spiritual growth and formation of the men of the Youngstown Diocese.
What is a Men’s Group?
What are they?
Fellowship Groups for Men are comprised of men from parishes who gather together to discuss their lives in the light of their Catholic faith and to share their faith and experiences through friendship, prayer, and fraternity.
What happens at a Fellowship Group for Men meeting?
Men generally meet for 90 minutes to socialize, pray, discuss their faith, praise God, and sometimes sing. They support, affirm and share insights about the difficulties men encounter in both their home and work lives. They also seek God's help in dealing with the issues they confront every day. Members strive to reinforce Christian values with others in their group, and support other men who are struggling to do the same.
What will I gain from attending a Fellowship Group for Men?
Men have found that by attending a Fellowship Group for Men they make friends among their fellow parishioners, have fun, and learn from one another on how to be a better husband, father, son, employee and Catholic parishioner. Men say they have grown by this experience which has enabled them to form stronger, happier families and marriages and have helped them to learn how to better cope with the inevitable stresses inherent in the workplace.
How can I become involved in a Fellowship Group for Men?
Men all over the six county area of the Diocese of Youngstown are forming groups and stepping forward to facilitate these groups. Contact your pastor and ask him if a Men's Group has formed in your parish, or consult our directory of established groups. You may also contact Mark Violand, mvioland2@neo.rr.com or 330.807.2255 for group information.
I want to start a group at my parish. What should I do?
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